Installation Instructions

1. Download and unpack the .zip archive.

2. Upload the directories and files to your server.

3. Make the following folders and files writable: cache, cache/cache, cache/templates_c, adodb/dbconnect.php

4. Create an empty database, using PHPMyAdmin or Cpanel.

5. To start the install process, point your browser to "install.php". Example:

6. At this step you will need to enter database information such as host, database name, username, password and admin login.

7. Enter Website URL without trailing slash at the end. Example:

8. If the installation is successful, delete install.php from your web server.

9. Login with the username and password you specified during the installation process.

10. If you would like to get a free installation of your copy, send your ftp details and database information to info [at]